Hopefully, this guide will help you with your quest to find the perfect quilt. Many of our buyers need some guidance when they start to shop for a quilt. If you are unsure of what you want or need, here are some tips on what to consider when buying a quilt.

What should you  look for in a good quality quilt?

1. Size & Casing:

The sizing is the size of the finished product (including any casing). Quilts can come in any size but it’s good to know that there are industry standards in place which will help when shopping for one. A queen size quilt would measure 90″ x 100″. Quilts are also available in comforter covers quite frequently. It’s easier to go up one size than down, so if you want a huge size, you should go for a king size.

2. Loaf:

This is important because it will determine what type of fluff you can wash your quilt in and also what type of filler you can use to pad it out. Some fluffier quilts are fine to be washed but some are not. Some fluffier quilts can be fine for normal washing but some cannot be machine washed. The only way that you will know for sure is if the manufacturer says so on their website or product description.

3. Material:

Again, this is important because some materials absorb odours more than others. It will depend on where you live and what you do. If you eat a lot of spicy food or drink a lot of alcohol, then your quilt will eventually start to smell like that. You can always buy some pillow spray to hide the odours but it doesn’t always work. You cannot wash your quilt with these sprays either so it’s best to stick with material that isn’t likely to absorb smells easily. Natural fibre is best e.g merino wool.

Also, We have noticed some properties of the material that we may not have thought about before. For instance, some materials will make it easier for you to stretch the quilt over the bedbase. Some materials will allow you to fold the quilt and store it away with ease. It’s important that your quilt has a casing that is appropriate for you and your needs.


4. Weight:

This is the most important factor in choosing your bedding, as it affects your comfort and quality of sleep greatly. At least 50% of people do not change their sheets often enough due to their weight, so unless you want to be smelly all night long or wake up with a sore neck or back from too many crumples in the sheets, this is definitely something you want to think about.

People who experience disrupted sleep are more likely to have health complications, so it’s not surprising that many people are looking for new ways to get a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much money you have or where you live – everyone needs quality rest.

5. Temperature regulating :

Your quilt should be temperature regulating.

  1. Summer quilt: This type of quilt is suitable for people who are used to cool or cold climates. It is also suitable for those who are feeling hot at night, but don’t want to turn on the air conditioner to save electricity. The summer quilts are very popular among australians.
  2. Winter quilt: This kind of quilt is designed with careful consideration about its thickness, length and width which are usually thicker, longer and wider than summer one in order that it could keep people warm in winter. 
  3. Spring and fall quilt: This type of quilt regulates the ideal temperature for people in spring and fall.

6. Breathability of Quilts:

When a person sleeps under a quilt, it is their breath that keeps them warm. The breath causes the body heat to transfer from the body to the inside of the quilt. How long does it take for this heat exchange before a person feels too hot? In order for this process to work properly, there must be an adequate level of warmth between the outside and inside of the quilt. This concept is called “breathability”. Breathability is the ability of the quilt to allow the exchange of air between inside and outside, or in other words, air can move through the quilt.

Breathability is an important characteristic when considering a quilt because it determines how soon you will get warm when using a quilt in cold weather and how long you can use a quilt in hot weather before getting too cold. If a person uses a quilt that has poor breathability, it will trap body heat too soon, making it uncomfortable to sleep under. They can end up having to use their clothes as bedding to keep warm.

7. Durability:

One of the most important things to ask yourself prior to purchasing a quilt is how durable it will be over time. The issue with many cheaper quilts is that they are often made from lesser quality materials, which can result in them being less durable. While you may like the look and feel of an inexpensive quilt, you should consider whether it would stand up to the test of time. If you purchase a higher end or luxury fabric workmanship, then you can rest assured that your investment will be worth it over time.

8. Molds to your body:

Quilts are the most organic of all bedding options. They are made entirely from natural fabrics, can be washed easily, and are an environmentally friendly choice.

we’ve collected a few tips that will help guide you on what to look for when selecting your next quilt purchase. Remember to shop locally for things like thread count and care instructions, as these can vary even among quilts made of the same fabric type.

1) Make sure the cover is finished with a good quality stitching along its seams, or use a serger to make sure there won’t be any loose threads sticking up after it is washed. Most quilts have just one seam down the middle of one side that needs finishing. Make sure the seams are nice and even.

2) Look for a quilt that is wide enough to accommodate a full-length mattress to keep the besdsheet secure and prevent ruffling at the corners.

3) Look for a quilt that is not too heavy, as it may put pressure on one side of your body.

4)Find out how to care for your new quilt so you can wash it regularly and maintain its longevity. This will also allow you to stay cool during those warm months when regular bedding may be too hot.

5) Look for a quilt that is made from breathable and natural fabric. Synthetic fabrics can trap heat and sweat and may even cause allergic reactions, so choose wisely.

6) Another consideration is that your quilt won’t do you any good if it’s not machine washable. Look for care labels indicating the amount of moisture rotation recommended during washing to increase longevity.

7) A quilt should fit well, so make sure it fits the mattress you will be using with it. Most people usually order their bedding one size too big, so make sure your quilt is in proportion with your box spring mattress, and if in doubt drop down a size in length and width.


While the quality of a quilt doesn’t necessarily affect how it looks or how long it lasts, it does affect its safety and, therefore, how long the quilt is able to provide warmth and comfort to the sleeper. By following some basic rules on what to look for in a good quality quilt, you’ll be able to better judge whether or not you’re getting your money’s worth out of your next sleeping purchase. hope you find our article helpful. best luck with your purchase

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