Cotton Blankets are best for summers and moderate winters; they are lightweight, cozy, breathable and help regulate body temperatures with seasonal changes. They have cotton covering and are mostly woven or filled with cotton, beads of glass and polyester fiber. These qualities are essential to good sleep during the summer and moderate winter months.

BetterBeds has carefully looked into these factors and brought you the list of best cotton blankets in Australia.

Best Buy
Cotton Waffle Blanket White by Jason
Cotton Waffle Blanket White by Jason
Best Balanced Comfort
Fairsky Blanket — Sheridan Cotton Blanket
Fairsky Blanket in Silver
Best Comfort
Waffle Cotton Blanket — Target
Waffle Cotton Blanket - Silver

Here are the Best cotton blanket in 2023

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Cotton Waffle Blanket White by Jason
Cotton Waffle Blanket White by Jason
Best Buy
Across 204 user reviews
  • Waffle Design

  • 340gsm

  • Self-Hemmed Edges

Fairsky Blanket in Silver
Fairsky Blanket in Silver
Best Balanced Comfort
Across 187 user reviews
  • Fill Type: Polyester

  • Fabrication: 100% Cotton

Waffle Cotton Blanket – Silver
Waffle Cotton Blanket - Silver
Best Comfort
Across 206 user reviews
  • Waffle weave

  • Suitable to use all year round

  • 340GSM

245gsm Cotton Cellular Blanket
Waffle Cotton Blanket - Silver
Best Knit
Across 103 user reviews
  • Breathable

  • Cotton

  • Hypoallergenic

Cotton Weighted Gravity Blanket 7KG Deep Relax Calming Adult
Our 245gsm Cotton Cellular Blanket is lightweight, breathable and easy to care for, providing everyday comfort.
Best Weave
Across 128 user reviews
  • Top cover material: 100% cotton

  • Bottom cover material: 100% microfiber

  • Filling material: Polyester and glass beads


1. Cotton Waffle Blanket White by Jason

Cotton Waffle Blanket White by Jason

With a waffle design, 340gsm cotton and self-helmed edges, the Cotton Waffle blanket by Jason is sure to add comfort to your bedroom. Made from soft touch 100% Cotton fabric with 340gsm that offers warmth and comfort, It is perfect for layering that adds visual interest to any room.


  • Sizes: Single – 180 x 245 cm

          Queen – 245 x 255 cm

           King – 255x 265 cm

  • Fabric used : 100% Cotton
  • Care Instructions: Machine Washable


  • Great Quality 

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to wash.


  • Many people said the product arrived with hardened wads of a white powdery substance stuck to the fabric in several places and thus had to be washed before using it.

Final Verdict:

The Cotton Waffle Blanket from Jason is a good quality blanket; it comes in relatively larger than standard sizes and is excellent for everyday use. It is also made of 100% cotton, lightweight and machine washable, making it pretty easy to maintain the blanket.

2. Fairsky Blanket — Sheridan Cotton Blanket

Fairsky Blanket in Silver

The Fairsky Blanket by Sheridan is made of knitted quality cotton, with a light fill to enhance the contrasting threaded pattern. It features a two-tone, reversible colourway with an overall silver effect.

A Fairsky cotton blanket is a luxury essential, perfect for lightweight warmth between seasons or as an extra layer during winter. Fairsky is a soft, cozy, timeless blanket you’ll love.


  • Size: It comes in King and queen sizes.
  • Fill Type: Polyester
  • Fabrication: 100% Cotton
  • Knitted blanket with quilted design
  • Reversible colourway


  • Very soft and warm

  • Stylish

  • Made with polyester fills


  • Not suitable for mid-winters

  • Though the fabrication is pure cotton, the fills are of polyester

Final Verdict:

The Fairsky cotton blanket is a great overlay on another blanket or for season changes — early and late winters and springtime. It’s lightweight, comfortable and durable. It is easy to wash and maintain due to the polyester filling that dries out quickly. Overall it’s a good blanket and serves its purpose of keeping you warm and cozy.

3. Waffle Cotton Blanket — Target

Waffle Cotton Blanket - Silver

The Waffle Cotton Blanket at Target is very cozy and comfortable, made with fine 100% cotton that is heavily woven in structure, providing a waffle-like appearance that provides for trapping the heat inside with some air pockets; this keeps you warm and cozy. 

It has a style and elegance that will add a simple textured touch to your bedroom and home. The blanket is made of made up of 340gsm cotton and is suitable for providing year-round comfort and warmth to your bedroom. It is also very lightweight and machine washable.


  • Size: Single Bed: 1.6m x 2.2m
    Queen Bed: 2.2m x 2.4m
  • Care Instructions: Warm, gentle machine wash separately
    Pull to shape while wet
    Do not wring or soak
    Do not bleach or tumble dry
    Line dry in the shade
    Dry thoroughly before re-use
    Hot iron, if required
    Dry-cleanable ℗
  • Waffle weave


  • It is 100% machine washable.

  • Waffle weave

  • Good Quality blanket


  • Not made for extreme winter conditions

Final Verdict:

The Waffle Cotton Blanket by Target is a great cotton blanket for everyday use. It is made with 340 GSM cotton and is highly skin-friendly. This cotton blanket is great for the early winter and spring seasons. This can also be used as a throw blanket on a couch.

4. Cotton Cellular Blanket — Pillowtalk Cotton Blanket

Waffle Cotton Blanket - Silver

Made with 245 GSM, the Cotton Cellular Blanket by Pillowtalk is immensely soft, comfortable and lightweight. This blanket is easy to maintain and will take you through the warmer months by maintaining airflow due to its cellular hole weave, keeping the temperature just right. 

It is great for stargazing and picnics and can also be used as throw and overlay blankets for early and late winters.


  • Size: Single Bed
    King Single Bed
    Double Bed
    Queen Bed
    King Bed
  • Care: Machine Wash.
  • Colours: 5
  • Made in China


  • All year-round usage

  • Durable and breathable

  • Anti-bacterial


  • It cannot be used during moderate to heavy winters.

Final Verdict:

The Cotton Cellular Blanket from Pillowtalk is one of the best summer blankets, made with a breathable cellular design and 100% 245 GSM cotton. The blanket is anti-bacterial, lightweight and easy to maintain, making it perfect for outdoor activities like picnics and camping. 

It can also be used as a decorative throw blanket on the couches or as an overlay on top underneath heavier blankets.

5. Cotton Weighted Gravity Blanket —Giselle Bedding

Cotton Weighted Gravity Blanket

The 7 KG Cotton Weighted Blanket from Giselle bedding is the best solution for getting a relaxed deep sleep. The weighted blanket gives the body-hugging feeling designed to weigh 8% -15% of the person’s weight. The blanket measures 152cm x 203cm and is best suited for someone with a 60-80kg weight.

 It uses the therapeutic properties of Deep Touch Pressure Simulation (DTPS) to stimulate pressure points throughout the body, contributing to enhanced sleep, mood and relaxation. This mechanism boosts serotonin and melatonin levels and decreases cortisol levels which improves your heart rate and blood pressure. Overall, you get healthier sleep, and awake feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. Made of 100% cotton for the top and 100% microfibre for the bottom, the weighted blanket is filled with polyester and glass beads to create the right amount of pressure for a soothing hugging sensation. The weighted blanket is also close-fitting, conforms to your body shape, and easily adapts to any sleeping posture. 5-layer design ensures that the weighted blanket is durable and comfortable everytime.

The cotton weighted blanket is machine washable for total convenience.


  • 100% premium cotton cover
  • Ultra-soft and breathable
  • High-density eco-friendly glass beads filling
  • 5-layer comfort
  • Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTPS)
  • Evenly-distributed weight
  • Stimulate pressure points
  • Close-fitting to body shape
  • Self-adaptive to any sleeping posture
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Excellent sewing technology
  • Nice and secure stitching
  • Leakage prevention
  • Four-band edges
  • Versatile use
  • Specifications
  • Brand: Giselle Bedding
  • Top cover material: 100% cotton
  • Bottom cover material: 100% microfiber
  • Filling material: Polyester and glass beads
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Size: 152cm x 203cm
  • Colour: Light Grey


  • It provides the feeling of being hugged or held closely.

  • Great quality product.

  • Perfect weight


  • The blanket is not suited for toddlers and children.

Final Verdict:

The 7Kg cotton Weighted blanket by Gisselle Bedding is a high-end weighted cotton blanket that gives you a cozy hugged feeling, and the glass beads in the filling distribute the weight evenly all around the body. It helps you relax better and have a deep sleep that is much needed in today’s world.

Is cotton good for blankets?

Cotton being a natural substance is best for any kind of fabric that touches your body, be it bedsheets, pillows or blankets.

The cotton filling makes the covering of the blankets breathable and anti-allergic. These blankets are also lightweight and good options for moderate winters.


Cotton blankets are lightweight, breathable, cozy and perfect for all-year use. In this article, we have reviewed the blankets based on the material used, weight, design, type of filling used and colour. If you require a blanket to use regularly as an overlay or a throw, you should go for the Fairsky Blanket — Sheridan Cotton Blanket. The Cotton Weighted Gravity Blanket —Giselle Bedding would be a perfect choice if you are looking for something with much more warmth and comfort regardless of the weight of the cotton blanket.

Each of these blankets has its pros and cons, and we hope the list helps you compare these blankets better so that you can find the Best Cotton blanket in 2023.

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