Compare 15 mattresses in-a-box (Australia)

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Understanding the Mattress In-a-box 

Mattresses in a box are increasingly popular, due to their convenience and value. Unlike innerspring designs, in a box mattresses can be compressed without causing damage. Many Australian mattress brands package their products this way for easy delivery and set up.

A bed in a box is an innovative way to buy and deliver a mattress. This type of mattress comes compressed in a shippable box, allowing mattress companies to deliver directly to customers. By cutting out the middlemen, this type of mattress has disrupted the industry. After receiving a mattress in a box, you simply unwrap it and watch it expand to full size.

Sleep trials for mattresses in a box differ by company. However, all companies give a specific time period to test the mattress at home – usually around 100 days. During a sleep trial, you purchase a mattress and use it normally. If the mattress doesn't feel quite right, you can request a return with the company for a full refund. Just make sure to return it before the trial period ends.

Returning a mattress in a box is a relatively simple process. Once you decide to return it, you can contact the company's customer support team to request a return. Some companies ask that you try the mattress for up to 30 days, while others accept returns at any time during the trial period. After the return is processed, the company will likely pick up the mattress from your home and issue a refund. If you live in a rural area, some companies may ask you to donate the mattress to a local charity.

Bed in a box mattresses are available in most standard sizes. Many companies offer a single size, double size, queen size, and king size bed. Others have additional sizes, such as a king single bed or super king bed.

Usually, you do not need a box spring for a mattress in a box. However, it depends on your personal preferences. If you like a higher bed, you can place the mattress on a box spring for extra height and support. Most companies recommend placing these mattresses on the floor, on a box spring, or on a slat frame – it's your choice.

Every online mattress takes a different amount of time to break in. Firmer memory foam mattresses can take several weeks, while softer designs can take one to two days. Generally, it takes at least 30 days to fully adjust to a new mattress.

Most online mattresses are made from a combination of memory foam, latex, pocket springs, and high-density support foam. Some designs use only foam, while others combine foam and springs into a hybrid design. All in a box mattress will hold up to compression and shipping.

Mattress durability depends largely on the materials used. An all-foam design may not last as long as a hybrid design with springs. However, most online mattresses are rated to last 7+ years and come with 10-year to 15-year warranties.