Eva Mattress Review 2022

Eva Mattress Review 2022

Eva mattress in Australia is perfect for sleepers who is ready to upgrade from a spring mattress. Its hybrid design combines supportive springs with latex, gel, and high-density foams. Thicker than competitors, our review of Eva mattress found that this mattress offers extra cushion and pressure relief. It’s ideal for people who want to the contour of foam, but enjoy the bounce of coil designs. The unique micro-springs are designed to relieve pressure and provide airflow—without transferring movement. Rest easy knowing Eva also donates one mattress for every ten sold.

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How we review

This review is all about helping you decide if an Eva bed is the right fit. Below, you’ll find information from real customers about the feel, firmness, sleep quality, materials, and more. For every review, we do our best to highlight a variety of customer opinions and use unbiased data. At the end, you’ll have a real feel for the mattress and know if it’s the best choice for you.

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What is the Eva mattress made of?

Even though most brands render similar claims, not all-foam mattresses are equal. There are differences in foam and materials that affect durability, comfort, and support. To see how Eva stacks up, look through the key categories below.

Made of springs and foam, the Eva mattress is unlike any other foam mattress. It bridges the gap between traditional spring and modern foam designs for a hybrid feel. 

1. Gel memory foam – The first layer is a gel-infused memory foam that contours to the body. The gel helps keep you cool by distributing heat out and away from the foam. 

2. Premium latex foam – Next comes a latex layer designed with open cells. This material is naturally anti-microbial and gives the mattress bounce. 

3. Matrix of micro-coils – Underneath the latex is the layer of micro-springs. These mini coils are individually wrapped in fabric to reduce motion transfer. They react as separate units to relieve pressure and contour the body’s movements.

4. Density foam – Following the springs is a layer of high-density support foam. This is where the Eva mattress’ main support lies. The dense foam is made to support the top layers, absorb extra weight, and redistribute pressure evenly. 

5. Five-zone pocket spring – Finally, a layer of five-zone pocket springs give support while minimising movement. These reduce vibrations from tossing and turning, so partners don’t wake each other up. Also surrounding the border are several large springs for increased edge support.

Protecting the foam and spring layers is a white and grey mattress cover. The top is a stretchy white fabric that allows air to flow between you and the layers. The side panels are made from a sturdier polyester blend to prevent tears when moving and rotating the mattress.

Eva mattress
Close up of the Sommuto mattresses Tempright stretchy knit fabric cover — @Evasleep

What Is the Weight And Thickness Of Eva Mattress?

Unpacking and turning the Eva mattress is often a team effort. The mattress weighs in at 55 kilograms—significantly higher than the market average.

This is due to the extra comfort and support layers and the wire springs. To make moving the mattress easier, we recommend positioning it on the base and then removing the compressed packaging. While you don’t have to flip the Eva, it’s best to rotate it every three to six months.

Additional layers make this mattress thicker than most. Measuring at 31 centimetres, the Eva is ideal for people who want more support and cushion.

The layers of foam, springs, and latex have specific purposes. When combined, they play off of each other to create custom pressure relief, support and bounce you can’t find in another mattress. It can be placed on any standard bed frame or firm foundation.

Size Dimensions Weight
Single  188 x 92 x 32cm 30kgs
Queen  203 x 153 x 32cm 55kgs
King Single 203 x 153 x 32cm 38kgs
Double  188 x 138 x 32cm 45kgs
King  203 x 183 x 32cm 60kgs
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Additional Attributes Of The Eva Mattress:

  1. Pain relief – The Eva mattress does an excellent job of supporting one’s spine. It is an ideal choice for back pain relief due to its gel memory foam while improving circulation.
  1. Type of sleeper – The Eva Mattress is ideal for:
    • Back sleepers
    • Stomach sleepers
    • Side sleepers

However, a few reviews came forward by customers (Side sleepers) who mentioned that the back pain relief feature of the mattress didn’t work out for them. 

  1. Edge Support – If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, you’ll love the edge support of this mattress. There are robust springs placed along the side pockets to prevent you from falling off or rolling to the edge. Not only do these springs offer support during sleep, but they also prevent deep sinkage when sitting on the edge. Most foam mattresses lack this support, but the coils launch this Eva mattress above the competition.
  1. Motion Transfer (Zero partner disturbance) – As we mentioned earlier, the Eva mattress has more motion transfer than all-foam mattresses. The springs are designed to react and support the movement. One customer — a life-long light sleeper — says she never wakes up in the middle of the night since using the Eva. If you’re coming from an all-foam mattress, you’ll notice movement. If you’re transitioning from a spring mattress, you’ll feel significantly less.
  1. Temperature – The gel-infused memory foam helps to redistribute the heat during the night to adapt to your temperature while offering pressure relief and improving the breathability within the layers.
  1. CertiPUR-US Certified And OEKO-TEX® certified – The Eva mattress features the inclusion of foam and materials that are CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX® Certified. This means that the foam layers and cover of the mattress are high-quality, durable and free of any harmful chemicals.

Specifications of Eva mattress:

1. Size Available: Queen, Single, King Single, Double, King
2. Layer foam construction: Gel memory foam, Premium latex foam, Matrix of micro-coils, Density foam, Five-zone pocket spring
3. Firmness level provided: Medium-firm
4. Cover include: Yes
5. Removable Cover: No
6. Weight Capacity: 400kg
7. Cooling Technology: Yes
8. Motion Transfer: Yes
9. Edge Support: Yes
10. Price range: $550 – $850 (Discounted range)

How much does a Eva mattress cost?

Since the Eva mattress uses a blend of foam and spring layers, it is less expensive than all-foam designs. High-quality memory foam and spring models can reach $3000. For a hybrid, it’s one of the best value mattresses available.

The company is just starting out, and the low price point is likely meant to attract buyers. However, the company is receiving dozens of five-star reviews.

$600 $500
$750 $650
$850 $750
$950 $850
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