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Sommuto Mattress

The Sommuto mattress is made of multi-foam layers, with an average firmness rating loved by back and side sleepers. Its combination of gel, memory, and high-density foam provide cooling and comfort. Customers struggling with back pain and restlessness said soreness disappeared soon after they started sleeping on the Sommuto. Many have transitioned from a spring mattress and couldn’t imagine going back. However, the price is higher than a majority of foam mattresses. This is likely because of its hypoallergenic and environmentally-friendly materials. Plus, Sommuto is owned, produced, and manufactured exclusively in Australia.

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Is Onebed is right for your sleeping style? Our review is here to help. In it, you’ll find information from real customers about the feel, firmness, sleep quality, materials, and more. We do our best to showcase a range of customer opinions and use unbiased data. By the end, you’ll have a feel for this foam mattress and know whether or not to bring it home.

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How does the Sommuto mattress feel to sleep on?

Created from three foam layers, the Sommuto is designed to meet the “sweet spot” every sleeper loves. This means the firmness falls in the middle, not too soft or hard. The combination of memory and comfort foam gives it a balanced feel. Memory foam provides the support and comfort foam allows for that relaxed sinking feeling. Both solo sleepers and those with a partner were satisfied with the mattress’ support.

For an average-size person, this means the Sommuto is a good choice in all sleeping positions. It helps back sleepers keep their spines aligned, and stomach sleepers have cushion in all the right places. Side sleepers find pressure relief for shoulders and hips without sinking to far into the base foam layer.

Large and small-size Sommuto customers agree certain positions are more comfortable than others. Small back and side sleepers enjoy the firmness, but some stomach sleepers add a topper for additional cushion. Large back and stomach sleepers are satisfied by the level of support and softness, but some large side sleepers may sink too deep.

“We have had our mattress for a while now and genuinely love it. Both my wife and I have never slept better. We both were getting slight lower back pain on our old mattress so knew it was time to change. Have never looked back since this mattress arrived.” – Josh, New South Wales

If you sit on the edge of the Sommuto mattress, you’ll sink several inches. While the memory foam responds slower than comfort foam, the focused weight causes the layers to compress down to the support base. This is common among foam mattresses, as weight is evenly distributed once you lay down. For those who seriously struggle to get out of bed, a firmer design may be better. If you’re worried about the edge support, you can try out the mattress with a hassle-free trial period and return policy.

All foam mattresses shine when it comes to motion transfer. Foam absorbs shock, unlike spring mattresses that reverberate with any movement. Customers say they rarely feel their partners shift during the night or leave bed in the morning. One Sommuto customer even said his cat no longer wakes him up from jumping on the bed.

“Thank you for the new mattress. One week on and I haven’t slept better! Super quick delivery time and easy to set-up. I can no longer feel Bobby the cat jumping on the mattress to wake me at 5am. Excellent product.” – Braedan, Canberra

What is the Sommuto mattress made from?

Not all foam mattresses are created equal. Unique construction and materials make a difference in support, comfort, firmness, and durability. Below, we look at the categories that matter most.

Constructed from three foam layers, the Sommuto fits the standard foam design. The first layer is a gel-infused memory foam that absorbs weight while keeping sleepers cool. Although memory foam is known for retaining heat, the gel allows air to circulate and pulls heat away from sleepers. Memory foam is also ideal for deep pressure relief since it does not compress as quickly as other foams.

Complementing this supportive layer is a second layer of premium comfort foam. This layers contours to your body while allowing for movement throughout the night. It’s also made for removing heat and moisture so sleepers avoid overheating. Finishing off the foam layers is the high-density support base. It gives the majority of structure and support to the mattress. Additionally, its textured surface allows air to flow through the layers.

Wrapping these layers together is a breathable cover. Made with Tempright fabric, it’s meant to fit Australia’s changing climate. The stretchy knit fabric features Thermatex technology that retains excess heat as you sleep and releases it as you cool. This makes it perfect for seasonal climates and sleepers who overheat. Similar to other foam mattress covers, the design is gray and white. However, the Sommuto features a diamond pattern on the top fabric.

sommuto mattress edge or closeup view
Close up of the Sommuto mattresses Tempright stretchy knit fabric cover — @sommuto

Sommuto weight and thickness

Moving a Sommuto is going to be easy if you previously had a spring mattress. The mattress is shipped compressed in a box, so it can fit through doors and up stairs. Keep in mind it is heavier than other foam designs due to the layer of dense memory and support foam. While the company does not offer moving assistance, you can leave delivery notes for where to leave the box. Once your mattress is in place, remember to rotate it every three months.

The Sommuto has an average thickness compared to other foam mattresses. At 26 centimeters, it offers enough support and comfort to satisfy most sleepers. If you prefer a higher mattress, the Sommuto works well with a box spring. It can also be placed on a futon, floor, or standard base. Just make sure the gaps between slats are no greater than 10 centimeters.

How much does a Sommuto mattress cost?

Price is the reason foam mattresses have become so popular. Foam designs are two to three times less expensive than spring mattresses. While the Sommuto is a great value compared to traditional mattresses, it has a higher price point than many foam designs. This is likely due to the high-quality foam and fabric. Plus, it’s produced without foreign materials in Australia. To see how it compares to the average foam mattress price, see our chart below.

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The finer details

On average, the Sommuto mattress is pricer but made of high-quality materials. By cutting out the middlemen and unnecessary fillers, this mattress focuses on what matters: quality and comfort. Customers can also rest easy knowing all materials and labor are sourced in Australia.

Once you purchase a Sommuto, you receive free shipping and a 10-year warranty. The mattress arrives compressed in a box and takes shape within minutes. You can try it for up to 100 nights, and any returned mattresses will be given to a local charity group or recycling centre.

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Who is the Sommuto mattress best for?

Sleepers of all shapes and sizes gave the Sommuto high ratings. Remember, all mattress reviews are subjective and reflect a single person’s sleeping preferences into account. However, we believe this mattress is great for average-size back, stomach, and side sleepers. It’s also a good option for people who have never tried a foam design or want an alternative to a complete memory foam mattress.

sommuto mattress review

Sommuto Mattress

Supportive yet soft. An upgrade from outdated spring mattresses.

Meta rating 4.5
Starting from $699

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